Digital photo with corresponding infra-red camera photo identifying leaking window.

Window and Door Evaluations

Leaks create dramatic and unpredictable adverse effects on the Indoor Air Quality of your building.


Windows and doors are among the most common causes of water intrusion and air leakage, often due to defective installation. Attempting to cure a leaking window or door by the use of caulking is a common mistake which, in many cases, serves to actually exacerbate the problem. Leaking windows and doors, if not properly diagnosed and repaired, can cause severe problems such as indoor microbial growth and deterioration of wood and steel framing.


We are manufacturer direct dealers and certified installers of hurricane resistant windows and doors. As Professional Remodeling Contractors, we follow specific methods and protocols for the installation of replacement windows and doors to assure performance of leak-free installations.


Windows and doors play a vital role in the thermal envelope of a building. Their performance can be greatly enhanced by selection of various alternative glass types and assemblies most compatible to the climate in which they are installed.


In the local market, our company is frequently requested to investigate numerous window and door installations that have failed to properly perform. The greater majority of findings indicate these breaches are caused by improper installation or repair methods. Only one technique remains the proven and correct procedure for window and door installations. Short-cut and “save a buck” installation techniques continue to create hidden and chronic water intrusion issues, which often lead to costly repairs and the potential for mold growth.


Attention to detail and specific methods of installation result in the successful performance of windows and doors. Close attention must be paid to chronic window and door leaks, as water is the single most destructive factor to the structural integrity of a building.

Additionally, the age of windows and doors cannot only cause significant potential water intrusion problems, but also contribute to severe air leaks.


Air leaks in windows and doors permit unwanted airflow, which compromises the efficiency of the building’s HVAC system and, ultimately, inordinately higher energy consumption and poor indoor air quality for all occupants. We employ a rigorous method of testing and investigation to identify the cause of water or air breaches, and submit recommended protocols for their remedy.

Digital image with corresponding thermal image identifying leaking window causing water intrusion damaging the drywall, construction materials and flooring, along with mold growth behind drywall and wood trim. Removal and replacement of the damaged materials was necessary.

Leaking sliding glass door causing damage and replacement of wood flooring. Existing door required removal and replacement due to age and initial installation.

A leaking sliding glass door installation caused substantial damage to flooring, drywall, wood base molding, requiring replacement of all building materials and proper, new installation of the sliding glass doors throughout the home.

Our technician testing the perimeter of a leaking window using moisture meter device to document the severity of water intrusion.

After removal of damaged drywall and insulation of an exterior wall under a leaking window, a thermal image with corresponding digital image clearly identifies the location and source of the water intrusion.