Observation of discoloration and cracking of stucco indicated a possible construction defect existed.


The findings from an assessment and water testing of the balcony above, revealed the improper installation and sealing of the balcony railing causing water intrusion. An investigative opening allowed the water to spew out.


Opening the stucco veneer revealed the building materials had decomposed and deteriorated. Replacement of the structural beams and building materials was required. 

Building Pathology

The most commonly claimed building failure today is water intrusion and moisture, yet it continues to be the most misdiagnosed and mistreated.

Building Pathology and Forensics is the investigative process that uses non-invasive technology, along with minimally-invasive techniques, to conduct evaluations of all aspects of building and indoor environmental conditions as it relates to building performance, resulting in a thorough diagnosis and proper remediation or mitigation protocol for corrective actions.


Sabatello Environmental has significant experience in the areas of structural, HVAC, Electrical and Roofing Assessments, employing specialized engineers to identify the specific causes and establish proper repair protocols of deficiencies or problems in these specialized building components.


An important member in the non-invasive arsenal of investigative equipment is Infrared Thermography. Displaying side-by-side visuals of digital and thermal images, this helps provide documented, detailed damage – the extent of which can be used in claims assessment.


We provide the complete turnkey restoration services of:


  • Identification of the cause of water intrusion

  • Repair of the cause of water intrusion

  • Verification of the repair of the water intrusion

  • Mold remediation of the mold-damaged building materials

  • Restoration of the water-damaged and mold-affected areas

  • Detailing of the finishes to match the existing, appearing as if we were never there

rotted beam

Undetected chronic roof leak causing severe deterioration of the wood structural carrier beam and compromising the structural integrity. Removal and replacement of the structural beams and supports were necessary.

termite treated wood

Improperly installed replacement windows and sliding glass doors using rolled up newspaper as the attachment materials instead of the required termite treated wood attachment material secured with special screws into building structure, and proper waterproofing sealants, which is necessary for window and door installation.

The use of our special thermal imaging equipment allows non-invasive investigation. The difference in color assists to discover the incorrect construction of the missing structural reinforced concrete columns and beams.

The digital image with corresponding thermal image, identifying water intrusion from a second floor balcony due to improper construction techniques and weather proofing causing building material deterioration and extensive mold growth. Removal and replacement of the structural beams and supports, and interior living space was necessary.


Homeowners experienced discoloring of tile grout and a continual sour and unpleasant odor.

toilet removed

Upon removing the toilet, visual observation revealed the opening in the concrete floor slab around the sewer pipe was void of concrete, which allowed sub-terrain vegetation growth and ground soil to be exposed to the finished living area of the bathroom.

toilet sewer pipe

The toilet sewer pipe removal shows extensive vegetation growth and damage.

Determining the cause of constant odor and wall discoloration in the Kitchen, resulted in the discovery of mold growth on drywall walls and back side of wood cabinets, caused by an undetected leaking dishwasher. Removal and replacement of Kitchen cabinets and drywall was necessary.