Long occuring and hidden water intrusion behind walls and under the ceramic tile flooring from undetected exterior stucco eall penetrations, discovered with the use of infra-red camera imaging

Water Intrusion

Water can be the single most destructive factor to the structural integrity of a building.

We specialize in the identification, repair and restoration of buildings damaged by water. Water intrusion and flooding can be a serious problem, regardless of the source. Identification of the obvious water intrusion from a leaking plumbing pipe, overflowing toilet, dishwasher, washing machine or bursting water heater or the water used to fight a fire, is normally an easy find and fix. However, the importance of clean-up and dry-out should not be minimized.


Water intrusion caused by a roof leak, window or door leak, wind destruction, or exterior wall permeations requires specialized knowledge and experience to discover, identify, isolate, and establish and implement proper repair protocols. Water intrusion caused by flooding from natural conditions is an entirely different challenge for the clean-up and sanitization due to this black water. Water is capable of devastating an entire structure and its contents. It is imperative that an immediate response be taken to reduce the progressive growth levels of micro-organisms (mold).


Mold is a growing concern because of the health concerns and lawsuits associated with it. The first stage of mold remediation is to identify and accurately locate all sources of moisture. Our high-resolution, non-invasive, infrared equipment can instantly image an entire room; inspect an area that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters; and expose temperature changes in building materials that can direct us to wet conditions behind surfaces that don’t readily show water stains. The extent of damage can then be documented, and our clients are provided with an infrared inspection report that can be used to properly assess damage claims.


The immediate dry-out and clean-up process after a water intrusion incident is important, as mold growth can develop within 48 hours of the incident, but must be parallel in importance with identifying the source of the leak and the permanent repair. Sabatello is a full-service provider. We are unique to the industry, as we are able to complete the dry-out and clean-up, conduct the investigation to identify the source, remedy the problem, and restore the damaged area as if it never happened, all with our own staff of certified experts and technicians.

Undetected chronic roof leak above the Covered Patio causing severe deterioration of the wood structural carrier beam and compromising the structural integrity. Removal and replacement of structural beams and connections was necessary.

Digital image with corresponding thermal image identifying water intrusion from a second floor balcony due to ineffective, improper construction technique and weather proofing, causing building material deterioration. Removal and replacement of balcony floor, structural beams and connections, along with repairs to interior living areas below was necessary.

Decorative wood framed chimney with stucco veneer rotted and destroyed from continuous water intrusion and improperly sealed conditions and causing roof leaks and interior water intrusion, damaging the roof trusses, insulation, and ceiling drywall, promoting microbial growth (mold) in the attic space and living spaces below, and significant structural damage.

Continued presence of foul odor and discoloration of drywall and wood trim, caused by a chronic slow leaking refrigerator ice maker line. Kitchen cabinets, drywall and building material needed to be removed and replaced, with the work performed under containment and negative air, resulting in the inability to use the Kitchen for weeks.

A long existing roof leak destroyed wood structural beams, steel bolts, and steel fasteners, causing structural failure of rear porch roof and ceiling, resulting in the removal and replacement of the entire structural beams, roofing and finishes within the living spaces.

A newly installed leaky impact window that was installed with an unapproved and failing technique of installation application caused warped, discolored and mold growth on bottom side of wood flooring that needed to be removed and replaced.

drywall ceiling of shower

Drywall ceiling in shower continued to worsen with dark spots discoloring that could not be removed.

digital view of shower ceiling

The non-invasive thermal image indicated a moisture condition above the ceiling around the existing AC vent grill.

attic with tools

In the attic above the ceiling, visual evidence and meter readings, indicated very high moisture content. The cause was traced to faulty AC ductwork installation causing condensation from cold air to contact with hot attic materials.

lengthy exposure to moisture

The lengthy exposure to excessive moisture from this faulty AC ductwork causing the ceiling insulation failure and damage to the building materials to deteriorate, along with extensive mold growth on the building materials. The entire shower ceiling, AC duct work, insulation, and building materials required removal and replacement.