Hurricane Damage Repair

Windows, doors, and roofs are the most common areas of water intrusion as a result of excessive wind and rain. Contributing causes could be the age of existing building materials, improper maintenance or preventive maintenance, improper previous repairs, installations that may have occurred prior to newly accepted and approved building standards, or defective product installation. Identifying the cause and implementing the immediate and proper corrective action is critical in minimizing damage and mitigating continued conditions which could result in microbial growth and deterioration of wood and steel framing.


Attention to detail and specific methods of installation result in the successful performance of windows, doors, and roofing. Chronic leaks that become clearly obvious during storm conditions are warnings to behold. Aging windows and doors not only pose significant potential water intrusion problems, but also contribute to severe air leaks which compromises the efficiency of the building’s HVAC system and, ultimately, inordinately higher energy consumption and poor indoor air quality for all occupants.


As Professional Remodeling Contractors, we follow specific methods and protocols for the installation of replacement windows and doors to assure performance of leak-free installations. We are manufacturer direct dealers and certified installers of hurricane resistant windows and doors.


Should water intrusion occur, immediate and proper dry-out procedures and documentation are critical to restoration and preservation of property.