Typically ignored and overlooked is the respect and concern for the remaining living areas not included in the restoration areas. The ackownledgement, experience and respect for proper dust, odor and noise protection, along with workmen access control is a very important part of the services provided during the remediation and restoration process. 


When the source of the problem has been properly identified and corrected, you will want the build-back to be as if a problem never occurred.


Sabatello Environmental offers comprehensive construction services to rehabilitate and restore remediated and damaged areas. Our technicians are specifically trained and certified to perform the most difficult remediation and restoration projects, while maintaining focus and attention on the quality and integrity of the project. Our objective is to restore your home or place of business to its original condition, with minimal impact on the daily activities of your family or business.


Sabatello Environmental is unique among remediation and environmental contractors in that we have extensive experience in the build back and complete restoration of the damage caused by water, mold, storm, fire, or smoke. Our supervisors and technicians are employed by our organization, and each has the expertise in either our Environmental or Custom Home-Remodeling divisions, and administers sound quality control, recognizable in luxury estate homes with unique and detailed high-end finishes. Work is completed to restore the damaged area to equal or better quality than existed prior to the destructive incident.


STORM AND HURRICANE RESTORATION: We will work closely with your insurance claim adjuster to expedite and initiate the restoration process of property damage resulting from storm or hurricane damage. We are trained and knowledgeable in performing under insurance industry protocols.


COUNCIL CERTIFIED: We are also a Council Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) and Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which includes the physical and chemical characteristics of air within a building. These include airborne constituents that may have an impact on health and comfort.


LEAD-SAFE CERTIFIED: In homes, schools, or children’s day-care centers built before 1978, Federal law requires that the contractor performing ANY renovation to these buildings be EPA Certified, and any and all work follow very specific protocols. These procedures and responsibilities carry inordinately severe fines, and can be viewed at ‘click here’.


Sabatello Environmental is an EPA designated and authorized Renovator and is certified in lead renovation, repair and painting rules.


IICRC CERTIFIED: The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is a certification and standard setting organization for the restoration industry.


Identifying the areas to remove and remediate is a methodical process and protocol may not always be easy to identify. Careful and cautious assessment is necessary. This proper protocol will prevent combining the damaged materials with new replacement materials to result in a peace of mind, healthy and properly corrected restoration.

Removing and remediating all of the damaged materials is the first part of the total services required. The experience and understanding of the necessary level of complications and quality of work performed to return your living area to the original condition that would provide the visual appearance that the repair of the damage and work was never performed.