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We were called to a jobsite we had previously quoted on for replacing windows and sliding glass doors with Impact Resistant (IR) product.


The couple was distraught, and rightly so.


In our original proposal, we had forewarned them our pricing presentation would be considerably higher than others if they were requesting proposals from other contractors, unless those bids were based on the same Scope of Work. Our pricing was all inclusive and no other costs needed to be added,  and our pricing was not for a cut and paste method.


Unfortunately, they accepted a lower bid that did not include complete pricing either. Remaining for them to find their own contractors (yes, plural!) was:

  • the drywall repair inside as the proper installation protocol for IR product that we follow causes disruption to the drywall surrounding all windows and doors.
  • the painting of the drywall and removal and replacement of existing wallpaper.
  • re-installation of the window treatments that were removed to accommodate the new installation.
  • stucco repair and exterior painting due to the disruption to the exterior surfaces surrounding all openings replaced.


While we felt badly for this family, we declined to assist, mainly due to the liability of the installation. We are not evaluating the installation, only that if the contractor did not demonstrate the integrity to advise the Owners what was not included, or what other work needed to be performed; we could not be sure of the quality of the installation--were the correct sealants used and were they properly applied; were the windows seated and secured properly; was there mold existing inside the walls of openings that had presented as leaking. Any further problems with the window installation could have included our Company in the dispute, and it’s just not worth the liability risk and potential assault on our reputation.


In another case study, a family seeking a small remodeling project in their newly acquired home, rejected our advice in our Proposal, that while the amount of work was small, the task held greater difficulty. The “winning” contractor indicated the job was easy. Within a week of signing the contract and their check being deposited, they were presented with a Change Order for items “unknown to the contractor” and construction subsequently delayed.


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