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Being on the receiving side or the delivery side of not so good news isn’t fun for anyone. But, learning the truth may be of great help and safety to you and your family, while still being a surprise you.


These images are actual completed works but are witnessed continually in our job management. These images accentuate what we mean when we say we can see what you can’t. We are trained and knowledgeable to be observant and recognize even the most minute signs that a bad situation exists. And, with use of our non-invasive thermal imaging camera and other state-of-the-art equipment, we can offer informative facts that assist in the decision-making process of the need to explore further through invasive investigation.


Construction science has drastically changed for the better over the past several years. And, only those who maintain the vigilance and devotion to continually seek and understand the educative processes in order to possess the knowledge and experience to recognize, evaluate, repair and resolve issues will establish value and comfort for your property. Moisture intrusion or leaks do NOT resolve themselves. Improper or insufficient “fixes” only exacerbate the conditions. The adage “pay now or pay more later” was never a truer statement with unresolved problems.



The thermal image on the right reveals construction defects in unfilled beams and columns which cannot be detected in the digital image of the same view. “We can see what you can’t.”   


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