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Construction, be it new construction or remodeling, remediation, or renovation, is a service industry. It’s all about teams, clients, and quality. About the ability to adapt to unique and unusual conditions, some of which may be a result of a catastrophic event. As such, the three “wants”- Fast Delivery; Cheap Price; and Good Service and Quality, only come in a pick two menu.


So, do not be discouraged and impatient. Understanding will help make your project more enjoyable, even under catastrophic circumstances. Just remember… pick 2. Due to the intricacies and mechanics of the components, and that some parts of any construction process requires personalized (custom) attention to detail:


You can get it Fast and Cheap, but it can’t be good.
You can get it Fast and Good, but it can’t be cheap.
You can get it Cheap and Good, but it can’t be fast.




You can get it Fast and Good and Fairly Priced. So make that the goal, and engaging with a true professional, will not disappoint.

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