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The exterior surfaces of your home or building – the windows, doors, wall assemblies, skylights and roof – are the building envelope and is the most important protection as it relates to water and air intrusion (leaks). The building envelope is designed to separate the indoor environment from the exterior environment, and keep the moisture and unconditioned air outside.


Water is destructive

The air-conditioning system of your home is not designed to manage the additional moisture load and unconditioned air that may be leaking into the climate-controlled environment of your home. This additional load placed on the air-conditioning system degrades the system, shortens the life expectancy of the equipment, and raises energy costs.


Leaks in the building envelope may have developed over years, or may have been the result of attempted repairs that were not completed to proper protocol, leaving an improper or unrepaired leak to unknowingly progress. Water is destructive to the interior surfaces of a building’s walls and roof assemblies, and can create adverse effects on the structure. Water is the single most destructive factor to the structural soundness and performance of the building envelope.


Moisture in the building envelope will gain access to the interior surfaces of the wall cavities through penetrations and openings, which will allow both liquid water and water vapor to move, creating adverse effects such as mold and microbial growth on the building materials and degradation of the building structure.


The intrusion of outdoor air entering the wall cavities and living areas of your home will also carry moisture into these spaces that are not designed to be exposed to moisture.


This is not a ‘DIY’ job

The repairs associated with breaches in the building envelope – and persistent and stubborn leaks – are often not the easiest or most obvious. It takes a trained professional to review the circumstances and study the effects of the leak in order to first find the real cause and source of the leak, and then to effectuate a professional repair. The simple application of caulking most often is not the cure, and will eventually fail, causing the leak to reappear, resulting in increased damage.


Don’t ignore stubborn or persistent leaks. They will not resolve themselves.


At Sabatello Environmental, we are licensed and certified in multiple disciplines to assure our clients the most up-to-date experience, knowledge and technology in our investigations, assessments, protocols and remediations. Our use of non-invasive infrared thermography as an initial investigative tool allows us to interpret our clients’ preliminary findings and possible conditions, which might aid in the analysis and shorten the learning curve of the problem, while seeking the source. The source must be determined before any fix can be established.


We are not only licensed and certified to perform the assessments and establish corrective protocols, but as a Florida licensed general contractor, we can initiate the protocols, making our performance guarantee one of “the buck stops here.”

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