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This disaster occurred in California recently, but is very indicative of what we face here in Florida every day. Visit our website and see samples of numerous conditions. You will see images of deteriorating balconies, some in recently built homes; a chimney that was so rotted, a strong wind would have knocked it off the roof; deteriorating carrier beams that hold up the roof over rear patios; and rotting doors and window attachments.

What has been learned over the years and very recently about properly sealing and constructing various building elements is a huge difference from what was known in years past. WATER INTRUSION IS THE SINGLE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FACTOR TO THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF A BUILDING.

Don’t fall victim to ignoring any signs of water intrusion. Caulking is not necessarily the corrective measure needed to remedy a situation. Water intrusion does not correct itself. Catch it early and be responsive to the signs and your costs will be much less today with greater peace of mind for your home, building, and family safety.

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